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Cryptoinvestment program
Get a guaranteed daily income and bonuses when closing
a contract. With Coin you don’t need to freeze your
investments anymore.
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30 days
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15 rounds
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daily income
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FTC +40.38% CENNZ +37.0% DATA +35.02% HYDRO +31.12% PCN +29.54% DEW +29.12% EVN +26.23% MSP +24.88% MEDIC +17.36% NLC2 +15.97%

The cryptoinvestment program works on the principle of allocating investment capital to portfolios and trading strategies on exchanges in order to maximize profits with minimal risks.

The tool is selected using an intelligent software package that is based on the algorithm for calculating the productivity of volume growth on a specially developed decision tree model for choosing liquid pairs based on polynomial regression with dynamic analysis of the order glass and on an e ective Stop Loss algorithm to reduce possible losses during the negative dynamics of the market.

guaranteed per day income0.3%
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15 days
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120 days
Pros and Cons
The work of numerous projects related with landings has shown its inconsistency.

Projects that manipulated the price of token on internal exchanges, faced claims from regulators, and depositors simply could not withdraw their own funds from internal wallets.

After the success of one of the first projects, a lot of “copy cats” appeared which operated for 2–3 months and were then closed as they used the same inefficient model.

Over time, referral programs became deeper and more extensive. This situation led to a large number of “free” and unfunded tokens.

Therefore, projects faced a situation whereby they were either unable or perhaps unwilling to fulfill their obligations to investors.

In contrast, we are creating a new platform for partners and investors who are seeking a long-term, honest approach in working with us.

To prevent accusations of manipulating the price of tokens, the trading of CIC will occur only on external exchanges.

This completely excludes the possibility of the project administrator influencing the price of tokens.

We have thus developed an optimal investment program allowing you to receive a guaranteed daily income without freezing your funds for long periods.

Invest wisely — invest safely

We take into account trends and modern technologies, we use our own experience and the desire to create new directions.

We successfully work on stock exchanges and integrate automated trading platforms on a decentralized basis. Over the past year, profitability was 10,806.6%, meaning, we increased only the investment portfolio by almost 108 times.

Our strategy allows us to obtain stable positive financial results despite the high volatility in the cryptocurrency markets.

Our portfolios profitability in 2017
Bitcoin + IOTA + GameCredit + Factom + ZCoin + Waves
+2 999%
Etherium + Bitcoin Cash + NEM + Zcash + Dogecoin + Decred
+6 229%
Ripple + Bitcoin Gold + RaiBlock + Siacoin + MonaCoin + GXShared
+6 567%
Litecoin + NEO + Dash + VeChain + Steem + ReddCoin
+32 300%
Cardano + Etherium Classic + Siacoin + Ark + Nexus + Emercoin
+5 938%