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Frequently asked questions
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How to participate in the ICO?

Register on our website and be sure to specify a wallet which supports protocol ERC 20


Go to the ICO section and specify a number of tokens that you want to buy in this round

The number of tokens will be automatically recalculated to the number of ETH based on the current exchange rate

Transfer this amount of ETH to your wallet

The minimum purchase amount is 0.05 ETH. After receipt of ETH to the assigned wallet, the system will automatically transfer tokens to the personal account that you specified during the registration
How long does a transaction take?
The speed of a transaction depends on a workload of the ETH network and the remuneration you specified when sending ETH. On average, it can take from 1 minute to several hours.
Which wallets are better to use to get the tokens?

You can use any wallet that supports the ERC 20 protocol.

For your safety, we recommend using an official ETH wallet. You can also use MyEtherWallet and Metamask services.

What is the purpose of a two-factor authentication?  
It is strongly recommended that you use two-factor authentication. This will exclude 99% of successful attempts to hijack your account.
How fast will I receive the tokens?
Purchased tokens will be transferred immediately after ETH are credited to the assigned wallet.
Where can I exchange Coins into other cryptocurrencies?
You can exchange tokens at any exchange, where the listing will be. Listing on exchanges will occur after the end of the ICO and the launch of the investment program.
Will the cost of tokens change during the ICO?

The cost of Coin during the ICO depends on the round in which you buy the token. The earlier you buy the less the price is.

After the ICO is complete and the Coin is listed on exchanges, the price will be determined by the market. Due to the limited emission and a high yield, we expect a significant increase in value immediately after the listing.

Also a large advertising campaign, that is to be launched to attract new users, will be an additional driver for the asset growth.